Steps for White Balance and Exposure 

Step 1:

Upload all of your files into Photoshop. choose one to be your "Base" and copy and paste all off the other images into the base. It should look like Step 2 below.

Step 2: Label your layers with either the exposure comp. or the white balance name by double clicking on the name.

Step 3:  Change the image size to 2x the width of number of images you have. For example if you have 7 images then you will change the width to 14 (7 x 2 = 14). Make sure the link is checked so that your image isn't distorted.

Step 4:  Click on the top layer. Measure 2 inches over with the rectangle select tool. If photoshop doesn't have the rulers bar on top you can turn it on by  going to View-Rulers. Select everything but the first 2 inches and hit delete.

Step 5:  Click on your second layer. Measure 4 inches over with the rectangle select tool. Select everything but the first 4 inches and hit delete. Keep doing this on each layer leaving a 2 inch section on each layer.

Step 6:  Go through all your layers so that only 2 inches of each layer shows. 

Step 7:  When done click on the text tool and label each of the 2 in sections with the appropriate label.