Texture Overlay Directions

step 1: Take two pictures, one of your subject you want to overlay and one of a texture. Textures can be found all over, dirt, cracked paint, flowers, brick, etc. Load up both images in Photoshop.

step 2: Select the area you want your texture overlay to be on. You can do this with the lasso tool or the magic wand, or the quick select. If you need help on tools watch the basic tools video. CTRL-A then CTRL-C your texture photo, go to your main photo and under EDIT select PASTE SPECIAL - PASTE INTO.

step 3: You now have to play around with the blending modes. These can be found next to the opacity setting in the LAYERS panel. OVERLAY and SCREEN are good places to start but another one may look better.

step 4: When you pasted into Photoshop it created a LAYER MASK in this mask the white areas are selected and the black areas are not affected. For a cool and creative technique click on the LAYER MASK and select the PAINTBRUSH tool. Make sure your foreground color is black. You can paint the white area to cover up the effect of your texture.