Quarter 4: Building Your Portfolio

Quarter 4 is the first step in building your professional Photo website. This project will eventually become your capstone project in your senior year. This first step will be based around branding and building your website as well as practicing with three different professional photography areas: Studio, Portraiture, and architectural Photography. 

Developing a Logo

In this challenge you will develop two distinct logos that will represent your photography company. One will be your name and one will be a company name. 

Design Your Website

Your online portfolio will define you as a photographer and also be the first and in most cases only thing people see when looking to hire you. In this challenge we will be building the inital website that you will add to as you progress through your major.



This will be a fun project! You are going to pretend to be a real estate photographer taking pictures of your (or if you want a friend's) house. Additionally, you will be tasked with taking images of the school site and making it look amazing. While all these things are stationary, make sure to capture these areas in the best possible light!

Studio Photography

In this challenge you will be using the studio to take low key and high key images of people. You will need a minimum of five low key images and five high key images to add to your website.

Pose Cheatsheet

For this challenge you will be creating a single page double sided "cheat sheet." Create this using Photoshop putting a minimum of 20 studio poses on one side and 20 outdoor portrait poses on another 8.5x11. I will print these off and laminate them for you!

Outdoor Portrait 


In this challenge you will be using a mix of ambient and artificial light to create great outdoor portraits. The subject is key and how that subject interacts with the environment.


For the last part of the quarter you will be focusing on your portfolio concentration. In this section of the website you will be creating 12 images with the same theme, idea, technique or subject. It is really up to you to begin to critically think about what you really love to photograph and your perspective on the world