In this project you will be creating a single light portrait with high contrast. I will demo various ways to light up your subject. The goal is to create a very dramatic portrait with the help of high contrast!

Contrast Project:

Single Light Portrait

For this picture you will be searching for a wide range of patterns within boardgames like monopoly.  You will choose a game and create three images that show pattern. You will put these three images in a new document. be creative in how you photograph the pattern of your game!

Pattern Project:

Board Game Triptych

For this project you will be creating a series of nine images all featuring the same subject. The emphasis in each photo should be on your subject whether that be a person, place, or thing. Your nine images should highlight the  subject and make it stand out.

Emphasis Project

In this project you will be mirroring your original image in photoshop. Certain photos work better for this than others. In the end you should have a perfectly balanced photo with a kaleidoscope type of effect. 

Balance/ Symmetry Project

In this project you will be playing with scale and proportion. You will turn in five images that focus on making small things life size. small cars, actions figures, and other objects make for great subjects in this project. Using a macro lens can also be helpful. 

Playing with Size (Scale) Project

For this project you will be creating an action sequence. You will need to find or set up a moving subject and take multiple exposures then combine them in photoshop. A fast shutter speed and continuous shooting is required!

Rhythm/Movement Project

This is one of my favorite projects! in this project you will create a tiny world in space. You will need to create a 360 pano by combining pictures. Then read the directions to learn how to create your small world scene!

Need Inspiration? Google "stereographic projection Photography"

Little Planet (Harmony) Project