This is one of my Personal Favorites! You will be taking two images and piecing them together in a double negative. While the basics of this project are simple, visualizing and achieving an image that works (Like the one to the right) is much more difficult. Be careful in the images you choose!

In this project you will be playing around with space and creating a 3d like effect with one of your pictures. Follow the instructions below. Make sure to choose and engaging picture that goes well with the effect. 

Time to play with lights! In this project the focus is line. Try to experiment with a wide variety of lights to create an image that uses line to "make" the picture. in the examples to the left the artist uses line to outline, which is an option. You can also be more creative effects! You will need to create a triptych (3 images that go together in technical, creative, or idea).

Critique on Friday Jan. 2oth

Shape Project:  The Robot 

I am really excited about seeing your creativity in this project! You will go around and take pictures of industrial elements (springs, sprockets, tubes, pipes, alarms, etc.) In photoshop you will put them together by copying and pasting the various elements into a single image. What crazy robot will you create?!

In this project we are going to refresh your memory on the technical aspects of photography. You will be creating comparison projects on the following technical elements of photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Exposure Comp., and ISO

Five Technical Projects

Line Project:  Painting with Light

Form Project:  Creating 3D Pop-Up

Texture Project:  Creating A double Exposure

Critique on Tuesday Jan. 1oth