This may be difficult. yet everything difficult will help you grow! I want you to watch the video and be inspired to visualize an image and put it together. I expect you to plan out your image and execute it. For this picture you will have to turn in two images: a sketch of your idea on paper and the final image. Don't focus too much on the sketch it just needs to show your thought process.

This is one of my Personal Favorites! You will be taking two images and piecing them together in a double negative. While the basics of this project are simple, visualizing and achieving an image that works (Like the one to the right) is much more difficult. Be careful in the images you choose!

In this project you will be playing around with space and creating a 3d like effect with one of your pictures. Follow the instructions below. Make sure to choose and engaging picture that goes well with the effect. For this project you will need to create an image similar to the middle video using two pictures.

Form Project:  Creating 3D Pop-Up

Texture Project:  Creating A double Exposure

Value Project:  HDR- High Dynamic Range

Hands down this project will make you a better photographer. Value is the range of light, HDR exaggerates this effect and creates beautiful images if done right. Follow the directions and pick an intriguing subject. Makes sure not to "overdo" the effect. Turn in one from photoshop and one from photomatix along with the three original images

In this project you will be enhancing color in photoshop. This is an important skill to learn! Use the video and pick a picture that will pop with a little love and time! Make sure there are colors in the photo you choose even if muted they must make the picture pop!

Special Project: Outdoor Lighting Video Guide

Color Project:  Color Enhancements

This project will be the first in a series of studio light projects. We will be utilizing empty space in this black and white project to get a very dynamic and dramatic effect. 

Need some inspiration?

Google "single studio light portrait"

Space Project:  Strobe Lighting- Single Light

TEST :  3 light Strobe setups

During the 3rd Quarter You and a partner will need to pass the strobe lighting test! In this test you will choose at random photos with certain lighting and have to imitate them in the studio. 

For this project you and your team will be making a instructional video for future generations of photo students. You will give an overview of the various tools available when taking photos outside!

The IDEA Project