Quarter 2: Fundamental Composition

Driving Objective: To learn the fundamentals of composition in photography through rule of thirds, balance, symmetry, leading lines, and  perspective. To see how the elements and principles of design connect and help to create dynamic and interesting images.

Places Photo Essay

In this quarter's photo essay you will be exploring places that are meaningful in your life. Where do you spend the majority of your time? What places make you feel safe? What places do you hate? What places trigger memories good and bad for you? Use good composition and the E & P as well as specific lighting to get across how these TEN places make you feel! 


For warm-ups this quarter we will be looking at work form the top 30 most famous photographers of all time. These photographers changed how the world perceived photography as an art form and means of expression. Many times these photographers challenge the very meaning of art and and what a photograph IS. For each image analyze the TECHNICAL, CREATIVE, AND IDEA  of each image.


Principles of Composition


For this project you will need to do a couple of things. First, watch both videos and take notes using the note guide. Then when you have a good grasp on the principles of composition take the composition quiz to test your knowledge. Finally, take 1 photo demonstrating each of the 9 principles of composition: 

Rule of thirds- Leading Lines-Diagonals- Framing- Figure to Ground- Fill the frame- Center Dominant Eye- Patterns & Repetition- Symmetry


Elements and Principles of Art 

This assignment involves taking lots of pictures! You will need to take a picture for each box in the grid. This project will help you understand how the elements and principles of art work together to create interesting and dynamic images! For example you will need a line/balance picture and a texture scale picture. Make sure you read and watch the videos for all of the E & P's!



Learn About the Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and Principles Checklist

Finding Your Subject

Knowing what the subject is in every photo is essential. Interesting and unique photos center around a interesting and unique subject. In this project you will be taking FIVEmpictures of the same thing in interesting ways. 



Rule of Thirds-Triptych

The Rule of Thirds

(a simplified version of the Golden Ratio) helps to create dynamic images. In this project you will be creating a triptych (set of 3 images that go together in some way) where each of the images follow the rule of thirds

How many times do you take pictures just standing up? In this assignment we are going to get creative! In this assignment you have to take FIVE images from all different angles. The only rule is that you cannot stand up and take a picture normally. Lay down, look up, look down, tilt, 


Framing & Cropping

Framing and Cropping are important aspects of photography. This simple technique can help make your photos more dynamic! For this assignment I want you to take three photos using framing and three photos cropped to make them more dynamic. For the cropping photos include both before and after images to show that you cropped the photos to be more dynamic and interesting!