Quarter 3:

Photoshop and Basic Compositing

Driving Objective: To learn the fundamentals of Photoshop by integrating the tools and processes into unique works of art. To create a unique robot from a collection of images.


For warm-ups this quarter we will be looking at work form the top 30 most famous photographers of all time. These photographers changed how the world perceived photography as an art form and means of expression. Many times these photographers challenge the very meaning of art and and what a photograph IS. For each image analyze the TECHNICAL, CREATIVE, AND IDEA  of each image.

Outdoor Portraits

Instead of a photo essay this quarter you will be assigned a random classmate to take 10 portraits of. Every student will be a photographer and a model. You will need to work with your model to capture who they are. If they are dark and moody you need to take darker and moodier pics, if they are bright and cheery then the photos should relate. 

Lightroom Basics

Lightroom is simple in its controls but can be used to create a wide variety of effects. In this project you will edit the same photo 3 different ways, Natural, Bright and Airy, and warm tone tinted. 


Photoshop Projects

This project will teach you the basics of Selecting. Everything in Photoshop involves selecting. There are many ways to selects things and each involves a different technique. Mastering selecting will be the next step in mastering Photoshop.

This will be the first project in a series to help you understand the basics of Photoshop. This is an easy assignment that has you work with layers to arrange a Mr. Potato Head. Layers are a fundamental part of photoshop and understand how they work and operate is the first step in mastering this program.

In this Photoshop assignment we will be working with the tools in the toolbar. You will start from scratch and have to make something using at least fifteen different tools!

Compositing is a technique for blending multiple images together to create a new unique work. Some professionals will combine up to 100 images to make a single photo! In this less you will learn the basics of blending modes and other compositing techniques!


Masks are a great way to edit your images with flexibility - also called non-destructive editing


The key to becoming great at Photoshop is learning on your own. In this final project you will look up a video tutorial and learn a new technique in Photoshop. It can be whatever you want, text, fire, cool fx effects. 

Project:  The Robot 

I am really excited about seeing your creativity in this project! You will go around and take pictures of industrial elements (springs, sprockets, tubes, pipes, alarms, etc.) In photoshop you will put them together by copying and pasting the various elements into a single image. What crazy robot will you create?!