GET READY FOR CAPSTONE! - This Quarter you will hustle to get ready for capstone. You will learn marketing skills, develop your website and logo (brand), and start to market yourself through social media.


For this assignment you will create an instagram account for your business. You will need to post one picture per week with a strong call to action. You can create new work for this or you can use previous indoor/outdoor portraits.


Website and Logo (Branding)

What is your brand? What do you sell? Is what you sell worth what your asking? Work with Mr. J to develop your unique brand with an appropriate logo and a website that has clear flow. In this formative assignment you will look at 5 websites- You will identify their brand, their market, and how they present the information.


We need to fill this gallery UP! Start a new folder with images you want in the gallery. Each person will have 2-5 images in the gallery. Make sure they are your best works and works that you are proud of! I want you to create 3 NEW works this quarter that will be considered for the gallery!

Capstone        Projects

For this assignment you need to have a complete and finished website that features all of your work but specifically focuses on the area you want to pursue: Portrait, Food, Artistic, Product, Etc. I should know immediately the following things: your brand, your product, how to contact you, your pricing.


I DO NOT want google resumes that look exactly alike. You will need to create a unique resume using photoshop. Mr. J will help with the details.


Yep the bread and butter. 10 portraits any style of any person or persons.


For this project you will further develop your logo to go with your brand. If your brand is senior portraits you need a logo that fits with this product. 


You will use to create a photo book with all your work from the past 4 years. Book minimum size will be 8.5x11. Many times snapfish will offer 60-70% discount.


Yep the bread and butter. 10 portraits any style of any person or persons.